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Cervical Stitch

Cervical Stitch in JP Nagar

A cervical stitch, also known as cervical cerclage, is a surgical procedure in which a healthcare provider sews a stitch or sutures into the cervix, the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. This procedure is typically performed during pregnancy to help prevent premature birth or miscarriage in women who are at an increased risk due to cervical insufficiency or other factors. Cervical insufficiency refers to a condition where the cervix begins to shorten and dilate prematurely, often leading to preterm labor. By placing a cervical stitch, the aim is to provide additional support and reinforcement to the cervix, helping to keep it closed and maintain the pregnancy.

Cervical cerclage can be performed through various techniques and at different stages of pregnancy. Depending on the situation, the procedure may be done transvaginally, meaning the stitch is inserted through the vagina, or transabdominally, where the stitch is placed through the abdominal wall. The timing of the procedure varies as well, with some cerclages performed early in pregnancy and others later, depending on the specific circumstances and risk factors. After the procedure, close monitoring and follow-up appointments are essential to ensure that the cervix remains stable and the pregnancy progresses as expected. The stitch is typically removed as the pregnancy reaches full term to allow for a safe vaginal delivery. Cervical cerclage can significantly reduce the risk of preterm birth and improve the chances of a successful pregnancy for women with cervical insufficiency or a history of pregnancy loss due to cervical issues. 

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Cervical Stitch
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